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Circus alexander leipzig

circus alexander leipzig

zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen. Virginie blennow was a famous circus trick rider, primarily with her fathers Circus Blennow; she was the greatest rider of her time (. Lloyds Weekly Newspaper reviewed her as a highly-spirited rider, whose leaps over banners, and through balloons are very cleverly accomplished ( while The Era proclaimed, Madlle. Married : Osnabrück, Germany. Translated in Jennifer Forrest, Aerial Misses and and Spectating Messieurs: The Paradox of the Lady Acrobat in the French Fin de Siecle, Peripheries of 19th-Century French Studies, 2002,. Simon Winchester writes, bad behavior broke out within the first week. Although the deceased had been unhappy with his lot.g.

After her marriage, Virginie frequently performed under the name Virginie Troost Blennow. Virginie is listed in the English census in 18 living in Lambeth, London, where she ran a boarding house (a typical occupation for retired circus performers) ( English census for Virginie, 1891 listed as Virginie Froost, 1901 ). Selma was one of the star performers, and Virginie occasionally joined in; Alexander was the Advance Agent. Occupation : Textil manufacturer, circus owner and director.

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circus alexander leipzig

The show includes sensational life-sized elephants stunningly created by puppeteers from. The stars of the moment, Catherine Renz, Catherine Carré, Virginie Blennow burst through 20 successive balloons or paper hoops, and now Miss Ella went through fifty and, in addition, turned somersaults like a masculine colleague Rivalry produced miracles. During the 1850s, Virginie apprenticed with Circus Renz, at which time her father served as Permissionär for that circus (. It appears the horses died and the plan never came to fruition. Blennow (born Blennow while Virginie maintained Blennow as a part of her stage name. Alexander grew up in Leipzig (from 1846 and a Vienna newspaper reported that Alexander Troost of Leipzig was engaged to Frau Korona Loescher in June 1857 ( Deutsche Allemeine Zeitung, whether this marriage actually happened or not is unknown. . On May 10, 1885 in the town of Semarang (also on Java). As her father was a manager for various circuses, the family moved around a great deal, particularly between the Netherlands and Germany. Alexanders father, a member of the Troost textile family, was director of the Rheinisch-Westindischen Kompagnie ( Elberfeld the Abraham Troost Sons cotton factory (Elberfeld and a (paper?) factory (Leipzig he was also the American consul in Westphalia (-).