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Apollo optik salzgitter

apollo optik salzgitter

mm (1,075 DM) Sonnar f/5.6, 250 mm (1,075 DM) Tele-Tessar f/5.6, 500 mm (2,263 DM) Mirotar f/5.6, 1000 mm (4,537 DM) S-Planar (Macro) f/5.6, 120 mm (1,250 DM) At long last. Zuvor war er von Mai 1990 bis April 2007 Partner bei Accenture. Although Kodak, too, made an Instamatic SLR camera, their primary objective was to draw attention to their brand of film rather than make money from the camera. In fact, Kahn had concealed the real rationale behind his request because Franke Heidecke supported the Nazi Party in order to get the workers they needed. After that, production of slide projectors was transferred back to Germany so that they, too, could be marketed under the catch phrase " Made in Germany ". Rollei pistol grip Rolleimarin : underwater housing. The camera had so-called "metallic bellows that is, the plate enclosed the sides of the case. Viewfinder cameras edit Rollei A26 Rollei pocket cameras PocketLine by Rollei Rollei made other viewfinder cameras besides the Rollei 16 and the Rollei 35, the best-known of which were the A26 and the A110 / E110. After USH's strategy to manufacture for the military market failed, Rollei was sold to Heinrich Mandermann de on for the symbolic price of 1 DM together with 14 million DM in debts. As a result, the SL66 never sold in the numbers that the company had hoped for or needed.

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While it was no threat to the fully developed Rolleiflex to begin with, that situation changed when the legendary Hasselblad 500C featuring a Compur leaf shutter appeared in 1957. The Rollei Strobomatic E66 costing 548 DM was the first electronic flash on the market, but not for long. Scheunert berichtet direkt an Daimler-CIO Jan Brecht. Mark Michaelis Mark Michaelis ist im Juni 2016 als Geschäftsführer zu Sonepar Deutschland Information Services GmbH gewechselt, der IT-Tochter der Sonepar Deutschland GmbH. From 1974 onwards, Rollei introduced various 35 mm cameras of conventional design, including the Rolleimat and the Rollei 35XF. Franke Heidecke GmbH Salzdahlumer Str. Development of this camera began in 1975 and a prototype was exhibited at photokina 1978.