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Kentucky fried chicken hannover bringdienst

kentucky fried chicken hannover bringdienst

family. The young man waiting on us was very slow, just moping along. Wendy's rated, i went through the drive thru my frys were awful. Mobile, online Präsenz, kontakt, unser Angebot, dieser Eintrag ist mit folgenden Dienstleistungen bei uns gelistet: Bewertungen und Erfahrungsberichte. I thought that was what they wanted? This is to much just wait a minute!" So I got real upset at that point, said some rude things to her thought the speaker and went to Wendy's for dinner. A local old style drive. Watch as you magically become her favorite child by tagging her in a comment. Burger King rated, i got a small fry in a medium cup. Get em while theyre hot!

Not to mention the ice cream is great! The lady was very rude said they didn't do that. If you want good business gice the customers what they are paying for.

We make a special trip one day every year and are never disappointed. Her replies "Oh yeah". Took a while to get the order, then he said here you go and he just looked. The restaurant is very dirty, both behind the service counter, as well as the dining area. Jetzt bewerten, bewerten: Zeichen verfügbar, karte Route Ähnliche Anbieter in der Nähe.

Or maybe it was a middle aged woman who skips jobs regularly ampnd feels she can yell at whoever she wants? Caused us to be late for plans we had today with an inexcusable wait for fast food. Caution: Pick a different location if you want roast beef that bad! Wendy's from now. Waited 40mins for our food and then the order was wrong. I don't blame the King, but I won't go back because I know this woman will take her anger at me out on my kids meals, its not worth.