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Welcome to Rainbow Arts.

Rainbow Arts was launched in February 2005 by Madhu Jain, who is an acclaimed international artist, based in the millennium city Gurgaon, India. It started purely as an online store, but now in retail, with all operations based in and around New Delhi, India. Rainbow Arts is committed to promoting Indian contemporary art and the artists world-wide. We offer sale of Greeting cards, Prints, Customizable mugs and Hand Painted Fibre Glass Pots for Planters. The rights to print the art on these cards was acquired after a highly selective process that involved 100's of paintings from upcoming and highly reputed, Indian contemporary artists, residing in India and abroad.

The beautiful art on these cards deserves the very best printing and highest quality of paper -300 gsm. We believe that Indian art should be celebrated by everyone. We have kept our prices accessible, inspite the boutique nature of our cards. We bring to you this opportunity to celebrate Indian contemporary art, and share it with your social and professional network. Indian artists, who are my seniors or my contemporaries, deserve greater recognition. My goal is your satisfaction in our products.

Send Greetings with Indian contemporary 'Art Cards' made as easy as sending e-cards + leave a lasting impression on your friends & clients.
We Support  
Muskaan is an organization that works for the vocational training of persons who have intellectual disabilities. Intellectual disability is a term that is not completely understood by many people, even though there are millions in our country who are affected by it. Not only does intellectual disability alter the life of the one person who has it, it alters the functioning of his or her entire family. It is true that life for challenged persons is hard because of their handicap. But it becomes harder because of the ignorance of other people and a persistent attitude of either sympathy or derision that they have to face. Well, the time has come for things to change! It is important for us to understand what the term of intellectual disability really means and what we can do to ensure that each intellectually challenged person and his or her family can lead a wholesome and enriching life.

Madhu Jain
Chief Executive Officer
Painter-Artist (website)

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