Muskaan is a vocational training centre for intellectually challenged persons. Vocational training refers to training in skills that prepare a person to earn a livelihood. Generally the focus of the training is job skills but punctuality, politeness, getting along with one’s co-workers also have to be an integral part of vocational training.  It also includes developing a good attention span, being able to understand instructions well and learning the various concepts involved in the job skill being practiced.However Muskaan is not a special school. The age group of the intellectually challenged persons who come here for training is on the average 15 to 40 years. And the work they learn here is job-related rather than classroom academics.

How did MUSKAAN start?

Muskaan was started by a group of parents and professionals back in 1982. This group came together over their common concern about the absence of educational and training facilities for mentally challenged children and adults in India and proper guidance to their parents. Since our humble inception we have grown into the largest parents’ association in this field in Northern India. Parents of intellectually challenged children are encouraged to become the members of our Parents’ Association so that a strong advocacy group is created to represent the interests of intellectually challenged people in various government and non-Government forums.

What kind of training is given at Muskaan?

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Candle Making

Muskaan provides vocational training to intellectually challenged people in the following skills-

  1. Making and packaging candles
  2. Diya painting and packaging
  3. Diary making
  4. Masala cleaning and packing
  5. Lemonade preparation
  6. Packaging cookies
  7. Making and packing mathis, namakparas
  8. Making stationary products like envelopes, bags, wrapping papers etc


Our guiding philosophy is capacity building rather than charity and welfare and our endeavor is to provide the highest possible quality of life to mentally challenged persons. We work towards empowering the parents through emotional support, counseling, sharing of the information and knowledge. It enables them to understand the development and other psychological needs of their mentally challenged children and that is essential to facilitate the optimal development of their children. Creating public awareness is an important work to secure their rightful place in the society.