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For clients in India: Click "'Choose your card", note codes of cards desired, call: 9811585966, or email order to cards@rainbowarts.biz  Priced @ Rs 15 incl. envelope.
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  • 4.25"x6.5" cards, displaying the best Indian contemporary art.
  • International standard, paper quality of cards and envelopes.
  • Minimum order : 30 cards. Envelopes included.
  • Card personalization (optional): a central greeting, closing message, an image of your signature, company's logo, tagline and address.  We do *not* personalize individual cards, only entire orders.
  • Envelope customization (optional): sender's address, and recipients' addresses.
  • We do *not* mail cards directly to recipients.  We do *not* stamp envelopes.
  • Promotional pricings beat current market prices. Free shipping (upto 1.5 weeks from order placement). See Pricing.
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  • Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis, upon email request.

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